Tony Pai

Senior Site Reliability Engineer
[email protected]


OneDegree Senior Site Reliability Engineer 2021.7 ~ Now
Responsible for cloud infrastructure management and deployment automation.
・Created a secure CI/CD flow using Gitlab and pipeline trigger.
・Constructed Azure cloud infrastructure for web application.
・Managed various of Docker based virtual machines and Kubernetes clusters.

OneDegree Senior Engineer 2020.5 ~ 2021.7
Cooperated with talented team and delivered high availability insurance web application.
・Programmed a server-side rendered app with Next.js.
・Developed a tool which can convert swagger schema to Typescript interface.
・Shared dev experience and latest tech news across the team.

Oriente Senior Front End Software Engineer 2019.7 ~ 2020.4
Built an e-commerce platform to boost the user conversion rate of the loan business of the company.
・Programmed a server-side rendered WebView app with Nuxt.js.
・Maintained a Vue UI library for front end team.
・Assembled a web stack on top of AWS.

Taroko Senior Engineer 2017.12 ~ 2019.5
Initiated refactor plan to old products for modern features SPA and RWD.
・Integrated modern web app with Rails.
・Increased test coverage for delivering solid production.
・Evaluated the mono repo managing tool Lerna and its migration.

Feversocial Senior Front End Engineer 2016.8 ~ 2017.12
Launched a new service which provides faster and easier ways to build a landing page for no IT company.
・Set up front end stack and design system architecture from scratch.
・Optimized deployment from several minutes downtime to zero downtime.
・Completed domain name customization and medium-like path features.

Ifalo Senior Front End Developer 2015.10 ~ 2016.5
Maintained internal system and refactored dashboard panel for better user experience.
・Programmed a brand new project based on React.js.
・Remodeled a PHP project to SPA for new user flow.
・Solved bugs and troubleshoot.

Side Projects




Master's degree, Information Management 2011 ~ 2013
Tunghai University

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science 2006 ~ 2011
Tunghai University